Subject Indexed used with search name='TEST' but not with name like 'TEST%'
Author swestner

I have a very large SQL which does a search on a table while joining
over several other tables. All tables contains millions of rows. The
SQL does a search on a table WORD with column name='TEST'. All
entries in the column are in uppercase and indexed. The SQL runs in 3
seconds when I search name='TEST' but if I search for name
like 'TEST%' it runs 15 minutes. The plan analyszer shows that in the
second case no index is used. I teste it fpr 2.0.3 and 2.1. Uner
Oracle 9i or SQL-Server 2005 both selects runs in about some seconds.

What is the problem in Firebird?

You could download a database with structure and indexes as in a real
system but without data from

Could anybody give me some hints?