Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Indexed used with search name='TEST' but not with name like 'TEST%'
Author Anderson Farias

>This is the single most complicated SQL statement that I have seen
> through my 14 years of using/supporting IB/FB!!!

Layne, I *think* that for the problem being, we can reduce the SQL to

SELECT IwadisObje_1.BOLD_ID, IwadisObje_1.BOLD_TYPE
FROM IwadisObject IwadisObje_1
JOIN Word Word_1 ON (IwadisObje_1.BOLD_ID = Word_1.indexedObject)
WHERE ((Word_1.attribute = 'NAME') and ( LIKE 'ANFRAGE%'))
AND (IwadisObje_1.BOLD_TYPE IN (122))

Stefan, could you test this against your data and confirm if it reproduces
the same bad behavior?

Anderson Farias