Subject Is the fb client library re-entrant? Even when sharing a connection?
Author Bud Millwood
We've got an OO layer that wraps Firebird access, and up until now we've had
multiple threads sharing a single connection (with a lock).

We're now removing this lock and allowing some threads to create their own new
connection, but others to pool on a single connection.

The questions are:

1. For separate threads that have their own connection handles, is the
firebird client library re-entrant? Can two threads in this case both enter
the client library, and furthermore, can they both execute transactions
simultaneously? (for both Classic and Superserver, although I understand
Classic will perform better)

2. For those threads that pool a single connection handle, but use different
transaction handles, is the library re-entrant in this case, too?

- Bud

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