Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: GBak TPB
Author Geoff Worboys
>> Look at DBak - You can
>> filter out any object that you don't want to back up.

> I known of DBak, but its last update is back in 2005 and has
> not been testet agains FB2.x

That is very true... and I am really not sure just what the
implications of v2 are likely to be to DBak - much will depend
on what new features you may be using. The simple fact is that
I still have not migrated production systems to FB v2 and until
I do DBak is unlikely to get the attention it deserves.

I do have some in-house updates to DBak (not v2 related, just
fiddling with other database migration/upgrade possibilities),
but since very few people have shown much interest in DBak in
recent times I have not bothered to try and make such updates

I think it is one of those chicken and egg things. If there
is not much interest then there is not much encouragement to
take the project further in public... but if I am not actively
posting updates then people that do look at the page wonder if
the project is dead and dont take much interest...

Such is life.

Some of the justification for DBak is fading, with the
introduction of Firebird's nbackup I believe that many of the
old backup/restore reliability issues are not going to effect
people. However I use DBak for automatic upgrades of databases
to new versions, and that use will continue - so internally, at
least, DBak will continue to develop.

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing