Subject Re: GBak TPB
Author m2data
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> > Hi
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> > What TPB (transaction parameter buffer) is used by GBak?
> >
> > I need to make my own small version of gbak to export all tables
> > for one, which gets exported in the form of one record = one file
> > (images in a blob).
> >
> > I need this for incremental remote backup. The images are never
> > modified, so it is not good to transfer them every night.
> >
> > One way to solve it, is to store the images outside the database,
> > since we don't allow shared folders, that is not an option.
> >
> Brian,
> Have you considered using NBackup in Firebird 2.x? It already
> incremental backups.
> Adam

I have tried NBackup, but I am having trouble with those deltafiles.
Sometimes the cleanup after backup is not working properly. I thing I
may have started a level 2 before level 1 has ended?

Still - it is not the best solution anyway because A) Level 2 (every
30 min) takes just at long time to run as Level 0 (once every week),
so it is not at big timesaver. B) Sometimes I need to take a level 0
and transfer it to the remote server anyway or else I just get at
bigger level 1/2/3.