Subject Re: [firebird-support] firebird for beginners
Author Lester Caine
hew_r3 wrote:
> I can't get hold of the files we use here yet but I am hoping to
> create a similar set up in the future. I think we are using it to
> store data and then create Crystal Reports from the database.

A useful starting point so we CAN help further would be how you currently
access your own Firebird supplied data. Firebird simply provides an 'engine'
to serve up data via SQL enquiries as you have found already. Your own company
must be using some client applications to access and update that data so what
tools were used to do that would be useful to know. Personally a lot of my
access to Firebird is via web server applications, so PHP talks to Firebird
and my users talk to PHP. You may have locally written client applications
made using 'Delphi' or some other programming language?

Another access path is via Jaybird which is used to make Firebird accessible
from OpenOffice - something that also works well and also opens the path to
Java based client applications.

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