Subject Re: [firebird-support] firebird for beginners
Author Ajang R
> hew_r3 wrote:

> > Can anyone help me find some resources on the basics so I can have a
> > play with employee.fdb? I think I'm just missing something, like
> > whether you can open the database with a client and how? Whether
> > there's something GUI, like MS Access or OpenOffice Base. I
> > typed "help" while logged into the database through isql but it
> > still didn't make a great deal of sense.
> >
> > I can't get hold of the files we use here yet but I am hoping to
> > create a similar set up in the future. I think we are using it to
> > store data and then create Crystal Reports from the database.
> >

I have same problem. I build a DSN with ODBC (in Win XP SP2). On local
computer it successfull, then i tried on remote computer and it failed.

[Moderator note: this looks like a thread hijack. Please start a new thread and provide some useful details about what you tried to do - which Firebird version and model, the connection parameters that failed and the error message you see.]