Subject Gbak error (expected 4, found 6)
Author Juan Pedro López

After a backup with gbak, the following error was thrown:

gbak: ERROR:database file appears corrupt ()
gbak: ERROR: wrong page type
gbak: ERROR: page 24 is of wrong type (expected 4, found 6)
gbak:Exiting before completion due to errors

After that I tried to make a new backup, and everything was right.
This backup could be successfully restored and the original database
seemed to be correct, gfix validation utility didn't show any issue.

The erroneus backup was one of the hourly backups I was making that
time. No other database connections were active at all long before and
along the periodic routine execution. After the error happened, I
realized database size grew a little KB, AFAIK without any known reason.

Shoud I be aware of the gbak error?

Is it common a database growth just making a backup, without any other
database activity?

I'm using FB 2.0.3 linux AMD64 superserver. Backups where done locally.

Thank you very much.

Juan Pedro López