Subject Re: FB 2.1.0 Metadata upgrade (from FB 1.5)
Author simonbenedicic
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@...>
> >Statement failed, SQLCODE = -151
> >attempted update of read-only column
> >SQL>
> This one is quite likely unrelated to the other one. The script
> will try to commit the fixed source for your triggers and this one
> appears to fail because you have an AFTER trigger that tries to
> update something in the record being processed. Fb 2 and above
> explicitly make the NEW. and OLD. variables read-only in AFTER
> triggers. If you can't drop the offending trigger (which might be
> the Catch-22 case) then I think you'll need to start over and
> correct these triggers in Fb 1.5 before you launch into the upgrade
> process.

Thank you Helen. With your help and IBExpert's great
function "Compile all triggers", I was able to find and repair this
trigger in less than a minute.

> >...
> >
> >Also strange thing is that "select * from rdb$check_metadata"
> >on a field that does not have description, but is COMPUTED BY
> >defined as:
> >
> >TABLE1_FIELD1 COMPUTED BY (i_customer||'§'||i_version)
> Would you please post a tracker item for this? It looks possible
> that the charset_UNICODE character set may not be able to map some
> of these 8-bit ascii characters that were put there originally in
> character set NONE and are not represented in the conversion
> character set. After posting the tracker item, watch the firebird-
> devel list for Adriano's response.
> ./heLen

I looked again in the ASCII chart an it looks that § is not there, so
this error is correct ... so no need to file a bug.

Best regards,