Subject FB 2.1.0 Metadata upgrade (from FB 1.5)
Author simonbenedicic

I am having problems with metadata upgrade script and I wonder if
anyone else is having the same problem.

To test the upgrade this is what I did:
- Backup database on FB1.5 (metadata only)
- Restore database on FB 2.1
- Using isql I connected to the restored database and run upgrade
script. select * from rdb$check_metadata returned error ... so I run
select * from rdb$fix_metadata('WIN1250'); ... this finished OK.
- When I tried to commit the work I got this error:

Statement failed, SQLCODE = -151
attempted update of read-only column


Also strange thing is that "select * from rdb$check_metadata" fails
on a field that does not have description, but is COMPUTED BY field
defined as:

TABLE1_FIELD1 COMPUTED BY (i_customer||'ยง'||i_version)

Best Regards,