Subject DB transaction problem
Author Duleep
Dear all

My client, who is using this 2.3 GB database suddenly had a problem where two of the
master entries (product master) went missing, leaving orphan transactions.

The records were pertaining to some high volume products such as syringe and distilled

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Db stats as follows

Thanks in advance

Database name /boma/linhis.gdb
Creation date 26-12-2007 23:23
Statistics date 16-04-2008 18:34
Page size 8192
Forced Write OFF
Dialect 3
OnDiskStructure 10.1
Sweep interval 20000
Oldest transaction 26166427
Oldest snapshot 26166817
Oldest active 26167038
Next transaction 26425808
Sweep gap (snapshot - oldest) 390
TIP size 807 pages, 6460 kilobytes
Snapshot TIP size 259381 transactions, 71 kilobytes
Active transactions 258770, 110% of daily average
Transactions per day 235944, for 112 days