Subject Re: CREATE VIEW ... WITH RECURSIVE ... (error)
Author unordained
>> When query is processed engine assigned name to each context (relation, derived table,>> aggregation\union map, etc). When you defined a VIEW this info is stored in RDB$VIEW_RELATIONS.>> So its limited by maximum metadata name length. For derived tables (CTE internals is DT) context>> names for tables inside it consist from table name\alias concatenated with DT name. So, all you need>> to create your VIEW is just use shorter CTE names. Also you may use short alias for tables inside>> CTE.>> (Vlad)Thanks Vlad!After renaming the CTE's and aliasing the tables they refer to, I can create my view (and it works!)Sean,I've checked the tracker and don't see anything relevant, though that doesn't prove it's not there.Now that the problem's been explained, though, I'm not really sure I could even file it as a bug;it's an annoyance, sure, but it's the natural result of long-standing limitations in the RDB$ tables.Instead, maybe we could include this in the release notes that announce CTE's, as a known limitation?It's a low-cost solution to the "problem". Besides, anyone trying to use CTE's is probably going tohave to look at those release notes a couple of times to get that recursion written correctly.Thanks, both!-Philip

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