Subject Re: [firebird-support] Slowly process
Author Vlad Khorsun
> This is the database stats

> ODS version 10.1

You need to restore your database with FB 2.0.3 to give benefits from new ODS 11.

> This is for information, but the same database in two machines with windows=
> 2003 server, one with AMD Opteron processor, and the other one with Pentiu=
> m 4 Processor, give differents level of performance. With the AMD Opteron, =
> it last 8 hours and with the Pentium 4 it last 1 hour and a half. Both of t=
> hem with firebird 2.0.3 SuperServer 32 bit (there is no 64 bit version). I =
> think may be is something with the dual-core.

Make sure you have updated index statistics.

Also compare IO subsystems. Also check if "slow" database reside on the same
physical drive as OS - W2K3 Server disabled write cache on system drives.