Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: firebird.msg not found
Author Teträm Corp
I don't know dbexpress driver, so I can't compare
but because of firebird.msg is part of fb embed package (as ib_util.dll,
msvcxx.dll, intl directory and so on, and not only fbembed.dll) I don't
really understand why you prefer not copy it

anyway, did you try to put firebird.msg in a directory of your PATH env var?

(by the way, you certainly will have got the same error using IBX, IBO
or other package... i think it is a "feature" of dbexpress driver to not
raise this error)


Christian Kaufmann a écrit :
> > firebird.msg must be in Firebird directory.
> > when you use fbembed.dll, the Firebird directory is the dll one...
> When using the upscene dbExpress driver, the error messages apear
> correctly even though the firebird.msg file is not where the
> fbembeded.dll (C:\Windows\system32).
> When using the UIB components I have this error "firebird.msg not
> found". The file is searched in my application directory.
> Of course I can copy the firebird.msg file there, but I prefere not.
> So I still try to understand the difference and to solve the problem
> otherwise.
> cu Christian