Subject Re: How to implement SQLServer's WITH(NOLOCK) statment?
Author real_yoni
Ok , than I need an explanation:
I'm using EMS SQL Manager For Firebird Lite, while I'm viewing data
of a given table I can not access (a simple SELECT * statement) this
table from the application (I get a timeout exception for the reason
that the resource (i.e. the table) is locked)

How come?


--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@...>
> At 10:24 PM 14/04/2008, you wrote:
> >From the SQL server help file:
> >"In SQL Server, a SELECT statement with the default isolation
> >of Read Committed causes S locks being taken and released on rows
> >they are read. Although this enforces the isolation level, it
> >that a SELECT statement waits if an incompatible lock exists on a
> >for which an S lock is required. When the NOLOCK hint is
> >the SELECT operation does not try to take the S lock and the data
> >read. Although this lets the operation succeed, it also means that
> >the SELECT statement can read uncommitted data."
> >
> >In practice what it means that select statments never get locked.
> >this is what I'm tring to achieve.
> You don't have to do anything in Firebird to achieve it. Firebird
implements multi-user concurrency in an entirely different way to
poor old SQL Server. It's called "multi-generational
architecture". ;-)
> ./heLen