Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: How to implement SQLServer's WITH(NOLOCK) statment?
Author Tommi Prami
> >Does firebird support this? If not can I make sure that the default
> >behaviour would be "read uncommited"?
> No, Firebird does not support Dirty Read under any
> circumstances, never-ever-ever. It's a plus, not a "missing
> feature"!

Having used to this non-missing feature and lately forced to implement
support for M$-SQL Server... Hmmm... Firebird seems to be kind of "Free
Lunch" or "Too good to be true".

I am totally puzzled that how any System can run on top of M$-SQL Server???

It is so easy to lock the whole DB, something we never have to think when
having FB as DB-server.

If someone of you gurus feel sorry enough for me already, all hints how to
avoid locking the M$-SQL Server, I am all ears (any good resources???
Tutorials to read???). This has been more than nightmare ;)

Too bad that we can't force all clients to use Firebird :(