Subject Newbie with Delphi from IB6
Author anton.ekermans
I've been using IB6 and have many apps running with that. Now that I'm
migrating to FB2, which components can I use to let apps use the
fbclient.dll instead of gds32.dll. I wouldn't want to rewrite all my
apps, but maybe changing just a TIBDatabase component or whatever
would be nice if I can keep all other TIBQuery, TIBSQL, etc components.
To avoid confusion, I'd like to use fbclient.dll instead
of 'instclient' the clone to gds32.dll on all client machines. So I'd
like to just install FB client on workstations and know that they'll
use fbclient.dll and not some rogue copy of IB6's gds32.dll lying
around somewhere.

Thanks for help to a possible FAQ