Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Error on FB 1.5.5 involving "hung" connections
Author Aage Johansen
Eduardo A. Salgado wrote:
> ...
> Anyhow, are there any tools that we can use to log or be aware of
> all the SQL statements that run against the server so we may narrow
> down to what transactions are hanging or not being properly
> committed?

A news item on IBPhoenix site (2008-03-19)
New Tool: FBScanner (Firebird Scanner) is a tool that allows you to
monitor and analyze all the traffic that takes place between a
Firebird or InterBase server and its client applications. It shows
the real-time activity of connected clients (IP/Name, duration, CPU
load), queries (query text, status, parameters) and transactions
(with parameters)
Pointing to:

Maybe it can be of some help?

Aage J.