Subject Error on FB 1.5.5 involving "hung" connections
Author Eduardo A. Salgado
Have been using 1.5.5 in a Client Server environment successfully
for over 450 clients, with hundreds of users, in hundreds
locations. However, we are starting to use it with ColdFusion in a
web environment and have been getting about 12 hits to the database
per second.

Now, we have been getting some "hung" transactions periodically that
leave the database as being in use by more than one user when in
fact it has been renamed, taken off line and brought back on line.
Sometimes it shows on IBExpert as Firebird User Thread and others it
shows the user as (SQL Server) in addition to the SYSDBA who is
looking at it using IBExpert.

Together with this, and maybe the same problem, we start with a
small database (say 20 MB) and over the weekend, it may grow to some
666 MB!! Obviously, we are (or ColdFusion is) leaving some
transactions uncommitted and the size grows incredibly.

We are looking slowly through the ColdFusion pages to make sure we
do not leave transactions uncommitted. But, what can cause that
user getting stuck as SQL Server or Firebird User Thread?