Subject Win XP - gsec runs from command line, But Not CreateProcess()
Author inoffensive_2006
Hi Folks:

Developing app on Win XP Media, VS 2008.

Firebird-, IBPP

I've been compiling with VC6 until about a week ago.

Inno has been used to package up my app and Firebird,
and it's been running fine on my partners XP laptop.

Each time my app starts it looks in the registry to
see if Firebird has been installed. If it hasn't,
CreateProcess() is called and Firebird is installed in
its default directory. After it's been installed,
gsec is called, and fed a command line to modify SYSDBA's
password to one the user specified.

This has been running great, until a couple of days
ago when I sent out code built with the new IDE, VS 2008.

It still runs fine on my PC, but when I email the
Inno package to my partner, gsec fails.

Now, Inno installs the app, and the app runs Firebird's
Firebird- This is done without
any problems.

Then the app tries to run gsec, and I get a timeout.
This is the argument list to gsec.

-user sysdba -pass masterkey -mo sysdba -pw <DBA Password>

I've noticed that sometimes my partner's PC complains
about running a program from another computer, and asks
for the user to unblock or cancel the program. If this
is happening, what can I do about it?

Anyway, I was wondering if anybody else has run across
this problem.