Subject Re: [firebird-support] Choosing Firebird Version and Server OS and bits (32 or 64)
Author Thomas Steinmaurer

>> Thanks Anderson, isn't it the case that with 200 users I would be better
>> off
>> running a SS version because of Cache memory?
> Probably if most of your users run similar queries... But, You'll benefit
> more from your CPUs... the more users you have the more you'll benefit from
> using more CPUs. I have a site with 200+ cconcurrent users and moving to
> Classic was a *great* performance increase!
> BTW, We use FB 1.5, and what I've learned on using classic was: Keep your
> cache settings low (default of 75 pages is fine, it seems that for this
> setting on Clissic *usually* less is more);

For query intensive tasks in a OLAP scenario with only a few OLAP
connections, especially when calculating on-the-fly aggregates on a huge
table, a somewhat huge page buffers value (e.g. 64K) can increase query
performance dramatically.

A huge page buffers value will be useless in a mixed OLTP and OLAP
scenario with Classic. I would find a per-connection page buffer value
with Classic extremely useful for mixed OLTP/OLAP environments. On the
other side, this might be obsolete with Firebird 2.5/3.0 due to better
SMP support in combination with a shared cache.

Just a thought on what I'm currently experience in such an environment. ;-)

Best Regards,
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