Subject Re: [firebird-support] Choosing Firebird Version and Server OS and bits (32 or 64)
Author Anderson Farias

> Thanks Anderson, isn't it the case that with 200 users I would be better
> off
> running a SS version because of Cache memory?

Probably if most of your users run similar queries... But, You'll benefit
more from your CPUs... the more users you have the more you'll benefit from
using more CPUs. I have a site with 200+ cconcurrent users and moving to
Classic was a *great* performance increase!

BTW, We use FB 1.5, and what I've learned on using classic was: Keep your
cache settings low (default of 75 pages is fine, it seems that for this
setting on Clissic *usually* less is more); *RAISE* your lock table settings
(LockMemSize, LockHashSlots, etc) -- AFAIR these defaults are already
reaised on FB 2.x; And don't install/use guardian!!

Anderson Farias