Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: CS and services
Author Thomas Steinmaurer

>>> Sorry, can't understand what you're saying...Martijn says this is
>> "as expected"..? or he says that DBW *does* provide the means to read
>> a Linux log file remotely..?
>>> ./heLen
>> Martijn said his tool passes whatever it gets from the server. I got
>> the impression he didn't try it on classic himself, but he assumed it
>> should work.
> With regard to error messages, yes. But I'm unsure as to what is supposed
> to work with the Services API in Classic.

It depends on the Firebird version. Support for the Services API in
Classic got better and better with each release. According to the
release notes, Firebird 2.0 got full Services API support, even in Classic.

For DBW (and any other Services API application) this means, retrieving
the Firebird log file via the Services API will work with Firebird 2.0
Classic, but not with Firebird 1.5. At least not with 1.5.3 which I have

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