Subject RE: [firebird-support] Need help accessing 1.5 embedded in old Clareos product
Author Chris Levine
At 12:27 AM 8/04/2008, you wrote:
>Hi all. I hope someone on this list can assist me.
>We use Clareos CrossCut 4.0, which has an embedded admin db of Firebird

What do you mean by "embedded admin db of Firebird 1.5"?

--> Firebird is the "repository" database for the application.

> Clareos is now out of business so I can no longer get support from
>them. I am attempting to reset users using the isql utility and I keep
>getting "database unavailable" when trying to connect.

What do you mean by "reset users"?

--> I have a sql statement to update a table to reset inactive
application users. (not Firebird users)

> I can't even seem to connect to the sample db.

The "database unavailable" message comes from one of two causes:

1) The Firebird server isn't running
2) You're trying to access a database that an embedded application is
already connected to.

--> I discovered (through a search) that I needed to add the server name
since I was connecting via RDP. However, the connection will not
recognize the SYSDBA user and password. The application owners may have
created their own user and password?

The application owners are now out of business and I am trying to
activate the application super-user through the "back-end" so I can log
into the application "front-end". I am not familiar with Firebird
except that this application uses it. (they changed from SQLServer in
their last release)

>Does anyone have any ideas on where to start?

Not really, until you are able to tell us more about what you want to do
and how you're trying to do it. (Depending on where your Firebird
expertise stands, another way to answer that question might be to
suggest you download and read the Firebird 1.5 Quick Start Guide...)


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