Subject RE: [firebird-support] Restore on firebird 2.0.3 from
Author Bill Katelis
>>> gbak: ERROR: context already in use (BLR error)
>>> I understand that this is not the "proper" way of migrating an Interbase
>>> db but it has "worked" for another Interbase db.
>> However, Fb 2 is a whole lot more fussy about correct syntax than poor old buggy old IB 5.

>The problem is actually inside BLR for some procedure/trigger/view.
>InterBase is known to generate invalid binary code in some cases. So I'm
>afraid this database will never restore on FB.


Thankyou for your responses. Since my post, I have also extracted the ddl and successfully re-created a native fb db.
Given the advice received from the posts - I will re-attempt a gbak on IB5.6 without the procs/triggers/views and re-create on the FB restored db in order to pinpoint the error.

Once I am confortable with finding the error - I'll then re-create using the correct method.

As an aside and off-topic:
One of the reasons for attempting this method was to ASAP satisfy executives and business colleagues re: the performance of Firebird.

Comparing this same db (1 table with 1.8M rows) on similar hardware:
Box A running IB 5 on SCO OpenServer5
Box B running FB 2.0.3 SLES 10.1

Query 1: Box A = 20 plus minutes, Box B = 7 seconds.
Query 2: Box A = 5 plus minutes, Box B = 26 seconds.

Moving to Firebird is a pleasure !!!
Thankyou !!!
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