Subject Firebird Embedded on Linux help
Author Lee Jenkins
Hi all,

I'm having a difficult time trying to get embedded to work on linux. I'm on
CentOS 4.3, btw.

I've tried following this:

I also think I saw somewhere that embedded on linux is not officially supported,
is this true?

Frankly, I chose embedded because I thought it would be an easier task for users
to setup this application on both windows and linux, but there seems this is
only the case for windows deployments?

Well, I'm assuming because I haven't been successful yet ;)

When trying to follow the example above, I received "error while loading shared
libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or

I'm assuming this is required for isql, but not sure if its required for
embedded classic to run?

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated and I would like to use FB embedded
for this particular project if I can.

Thank a bunch!

Warm Regards,


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