Subject Transaction Isolation Level - ReadUncommitted
Author cengiz.ucar
Hi all,

It's stated on Firebird's developer documentation (
levels.html ) that ANSI/ISO Read Uncommitted isolation level (dirty
read) was not supported and Firebird's ReadUncommitted level behaves
like ReadCommitted on Oracle and MSSQL. Firebird's ReadCommitted level
waits for uncommitted transactions to complete.
I have an application running via OLDB (LCPI.IBProvider). What I need
is exaclty ReadUncommitted isolation level (of Firebird) but when I
choose that option providers says that level is not supported. Is that
a provider problem or Firebird's? Or is there a way to stop waiting
for uncommitted transactions.

Firebird Version : 2.1.1
Provider : LCPI.IBProvider 3.0

Thanks a lot in advance,