Subject Re: Firebird 3, superclassic, what the mistake ?
Author svanderclock
--- In, Philippe Makowski
<makowski@...> wrote:
> svanderclock [08-12-29 14.22] :
> > What can we do to speed the process ??
> easy ;)
> come and code or give money

Ok as i code like a donkey under C++ i thing it's better to gave some
money !

i take the word of dimtry : "Probably many readers of this blogs have
annual income more than whole FF has."

he also say : "Open source is good when it's quickly developing and
spreading over the world (like IBM does :-) ), but it seems that
currently Firebird does not look like a very successful open-source
project. I would say the numbers of users and installations are much
lower than it can be.
I don't intend to offence any Firebird Foundation members or
Committee, they do a great job, but I truly believe that Firebird
need to have more business-oriented management which will rule their
assets more efficiently."


in fact i completely agree with him ! FF need to be more business-
oriented management ! not only ask for sponsorship ! it's not work !

I can help you in this way if you want ...