Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: shut down single via service api (second attempt)
Author Carlos H. Cantu
Yes, just use isc_dpb_online and you will be fine.

FireBase -

t> Ivan and Carlos,

>> You can do it by normal FB API call
>> isc_attach_database()
>> look at DPB constants
>> isc_dpb_shutdown
>> isc_dpb_shut_single
>> isc_dpb_shut_force
>> isc_dpb_shutdown_delay

t> Thanks a lot - works like a charm :-)
t> What would be the best way to bring the database back online?
t> Obviously the database stays shut down after detach. Do I have to
t> attach again with isc_dpb_online? Or use the services api?

t> --Heiko