Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: shut down single via service api (second attempt)
Author Woody
From: "tdtappe" <tappe@...>
>> How do you do the updates now? Do you require an admin person on
> site to do
>> the updates or is it built in to the program somehow?
> Before the app itself is updated a customer's admin person has to run
> some special update program of ours to run the modification script on
> the database. This program can check some things before and e.g. shut
> down the database and restart it afterwards.

If you write the update program, then you have the ability to build it as
you see fit, right? For instance, you can specify that the program must be
run on the server itself so you can have full control, etc. Almost anything
is possible if it's a separate program under your design control to do the

Since others are giving you advice regarding your original intentions,
limiting the login capability, I think you should probably exhaust those
options first, though.

Woody (TMW)