Subject Re: Firebird 3, superclassic, what the mistake ?
Author svanderclock
> Firebird 3 will continue to support current architectures:
> ClassicServer and SuperServer.
> In addition, it will also introduce a new architecture called
> To answer you question, both ClassicServer and SuperClassic use
> per-connection cache.
> SuperServer uses shared cache.

So nothing change in Firebird 3 !? still no smp support ! because as
far as i understand, Firebird 3 will be like firebird 2 but with thread
instead of process (and a name of superclassic) !?

This is a true big mistake to work on the superclassic ! the cache MUST
be shared ! if not you definitively target firebird to small system
with < 20 connections !

what about interbase ? it's work like this too ??