Subject bad parameters on attach or create database CHARACTER SET WIN1250 is not defined.
Author Roland Turcan
Hello all,

I have released my software with FB2.1 (was FB1.5) which is usually
used with embedded version of SQL server. I deploy embedded with
copied fbembed.dll as fbclient.dll and gds32.dll and put into UDF my
the only one UDF DLL.

Basically I have problem on three machines running WinXP SP2. I tried
on one customers computer to install full SQL server, then problem
with "bad parameter" has vanished. Connection over localhost works
fine, but what is strange, that after installation of full SQL server
I realized, that customer's computer name has non standard ascii chars
which is not recommended. I did change it and tried to start version
with tcp connection which worked and afterwards the embedded one which
worked too.
I uninstalled full SQL server and tried with embedded and worked still
fine. Therefore I thought that full server had installed something
more into computer and it was not removed after uninstall or it could
be related to computer name :-|

I decided to simulate it on my test machine to have the same state as
it was at customer. But I didn't get the same one. My application
worked fine since first touch with embedded.

Still one customer is not solved and if they will allow their computer
to examinate the problem, then I hope I will find more about this

What could be the problem?

Thanks in advance.

PS: I know, that embedded FB doesn't use any layer of TCP, but the
"play" with computer name was something what I tried.

Best regards, TRoland