Subject Re: [firebird-support] firebird configuration questions
Author Douglas Tosi
On Wed, Dec 24, 2008 at 9:55 AM, svanderclock <svanderclock@...> wrote:
> 1/ in the firewall, i open the port 3050 in TCP or also the port 3050
> in UDP ? did i need to do something else in the firewall ?

Only TCP is needed.
If you're also using events, you have to set RemoteAuxPort in
firebird.conf and open that TCP port in your firewall as well.

> 3/ in windows, on the disk driver, can i activate "enable write
> caching on disk" and "enable advanced performance" ? is this
> connected also in some way with the option "force writes" of the
> database ?

I know they are not directly related.
But I don't know if enabling these options has any practical negative
effect. In any case a UPS is highly recommended.

> 4/ about the Firebird configuration file, what are the good option :
> #DefaultDbCachePages = 2048

If you are setting the cache manually on you database as you mention,
this option has not effect.

> As i have 570711 pages, 2048 seen very little ? can i increase it to
> something like 250000 ? or more ?

You said:
Pages: 10240
size: 40960"

Thus your database is using ~40MB of cache. I suppose this is
SuperServer? If so you may safely increase this value.
If you're using Classic, things are a little more complicated as you
have to multiply this number (40MB) by the number of simultaneous
connections to get the real size of your cache at a given time.

> #MaxFileSystemCache = 65536
> hmm, it's mean that i can have 65536 different file ? is it not to
> lot ? what the advantage to not use file system cache ? what else
> will be use ?

When using Superserver, you actually get double buffers. One from the
FileSystem and one from Firebird. That's rather ineffective. You may
wish to disable the FS cache and increase Firebird's cache.
When using Classic, FS is a must.

> #TempBlockSize = 1048576
> 1 mo seen very low, especially when i do lot of "heavy" sort ! can i
> increase it to 512 mb ?

This is the block size, not the max size. Leave it.

> #TempCacheLimit = 67108864
> 64 mo seem also very low ! can i change it to 2 or 4 GO ? (i have a
> server with 8 go of memory)

Remember, this value applies to each client. If 20 clients request
operations that require temp space, and TempCacheLimit is set to 2GB
you'll need 40GB of memory.
64MB is a good default. Leave it.

> #CpuAffinityMask = 1
> I have a xeon 4 heart, did i leave this params like this ?

You may want to research into Classic Server if you wish to use all
those cores. SuperServer is limited to a single core.
But Classic is takes a bit more skill to run and maintain.
Google about it. There are a lot of useful comparisons. I even wrote a
basic one that may get you started. ;)

> #GCPolicy = combined
> I have often a bug during sweep and garbage collection that make my
> processor going to 100% for unlimited time. can i change it to
> background or cooperative ?

It's better to research into that bug and understand if it's related
to GCPolicy before changing it. Maybe it was fixed on a recent

St├ęphane, the settings I didn't mention are the ones you should leave
at the default value.


Douglas Tosi