Subject Secure connection to the database?
Author Zd

I would like to make a secure connection to my database. (I have no idea why this isn't included in Firebird in the first place... All other DBMSs have it!)

Documents I found seem to be recommending ZeBeDee.

My only problem with ZeBeDee is that it was last updated in 2005, and doesn't seem to be updated anymore.
It's not a wise business decision in my opinion to rely on outdated software:
What if it won't run in Microsoft's new OS? (Just like Vista broke compatibility)
What if I run into a bug?

So the question is: Are there any viable (and possibly free and/or open source) alternatives to use with Firebird?
BTW: I'm using Delphi as my development tool. Maybe if there are no software alternatives there are some components?


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