Subject Re: Problems with local drive
Author Adam
--- In, "Manuel Aragoneses"
<exactsoft@...> wrote:
> Thank you, Adam
> I think I have the idea as how data is reached: only through a
communication between my app with a "Client engine" which in turn
dialogs with a "Server engine" (both Firebird software); but perhaps
with a poor English I give the impression of having a hollow concept
about it.


> Now, I must arrive to the conclusion that having installed the
"Server engine" on the file server of the Lan, and also on each client
computer, it will be possible for the Delphi program to reach data on
both physical databases, even when they are located in different
machines, as needed. I thought that the Firebird software was
installed in the same way in every client computer, but I must realize
now that some of them have the server software running on it and the
others don't.

That would explain why some work and some do not.

When you do get things working, it you should change the file
extension from .GDB to .FDB; .GDB extensions can cause performance
problems on some versions of Windows.