Subject Re: [firebird-support] Problems with local drive
Author Lester Caine
Manuel Aragoneses wrote:
> Doug, many thanks once more.
> I do have de Delphi app sorce code.
> On a Data module, I have two TIBDatabase components: one with its databasename property like \\server\d:\data\DBFILE.GDB and the other one with its databasename property like "C:\MyApp\LOCAL_DBFILE.GDB". There is one point where the program needs to access both database files simultaneously. In some computers, it works OK, but in the others, when the program reaches this menu option and tries to open the local database, an exception is raised with the message "Database not available". I know it can reach the remote database file because it works normally in many other procedures that read and write on the server.
> Could I make myself a bit clearer? Sorry for being so clumsy... I am still new in these affairs.

I think you have 'spotted the problem' in that one can install JUST the
client, or both client and server. Personally I always install the
separate server section, rather than using the special 'embedded'
version which has client and server in one package. I use something
similar to your setup in some old applications. They have the
'reference' tables in the local database, and the 'shared' information
in the remote one. The idea is that only data that changes a lot gets
transferred over the network, things like lookup tables get stored
locally. When using 'embedded' you have to get the local application to
make updates to the local data, while using the 'full' server software,
a central management program can make those updates, although I tend to
just send complete new copy of the 'local' data since changes there
happen perhaps once a month.

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