Subject EXTRACT(WEEK FROM DATE) - how to get the right year?
Author Niko
Hi all,

I have seen the discussion in April about the correctness of the
EXTRACT(WEEK ...) function in FB 2.1.

On top of that I have a question: In some years, the last days of the
year part of the week of the next year. The EXTRACT() function works
correct in my understanding, but how can I associate the right year to it?

*) 28.12.2008 -> Week 52 of year 2008
*) 29.12.2008 -> Week 01 of year 2009

I am looking for a WeekOfTheYear() function. Maybe somebody has already
mastered this question.

The possibility to remove actualy redundant data (week of the year) and
replace it by a computed field is very tempting.

Thanks for help in advance