Subject Re: [firebird-support] Multiple server installs on linux
Author Mark O'Donohue
Hi Anderson,

You are so close don't give up too quickly :-).

To run two services,you have to have:


# Local services
gds_db 3050/tcp # Firebird SQL Database Remote Protocol
gds_db2 3051/tcp # Firebird SQL Database Remote Protocol

for your second /etc/xinetd.d/oldfirebird script:

service gds_db2
server = /opt/fb15/bin/

Then create the /opt/fb15/bin/ script as:

export FIREBIRD=/opt/fb15

$chmod ug+x is a now a shell script that sets the environment
variables then runs the server.

I had done this, originally to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH, (and FIREBIRD)
variables but then found that with the old /usr/lib/
pointing to an invalid path they were picked up first.

But congratulations, it seems you have solved your problem :-).

Cheers - Mark

BTW: It still doesnt work for me, but I suspect given what you have it
will work for you. Here is my problem: (and was going to be my next
suggestion for you to try) :

from the cmd line in another window do:

export FIREBIRD=/opt/fb15
cd /opt/fb15/bin
strace ./fb_inet_server -d

The above gives a one shot run of the server, and lists all the system

then run the client in another window,

/opt/firebird/bin/isql localhost:/opt/firebird/examples/employee.fdb -u
sysdba -d masterkey

Somehow on my Ubuntu 7.10 system although it listens on both ports, the
base CS1.5.5. still doesnt work, even in the correct directory, it
somehow seems to muck up the database names appending a '_m' to the
databse name for the database and the security database.

Here is the strace where it resolves the database:

rt_sigaction(SIGFPE, {0xb7de2d50, [], SA_RESTART}, {SIG_DFL}, 8) = 0
readlink("/opt", 0xbf82a190, 4096) = -1 EINVAL (Invalid argument)
readlink("/opt/firebird", 0xbf82a190, 4096) = -1 EINVAL (Invalid argument)
readlink("/opt/firebird/examples", 0xbf82a190, 4096) = -1 EINVAL
(Invalid argument)
readlink("/opt/firebird/examples/employee.fdb", 0xbf82a190, 4096) = -1
EINVAL (Invalid argument)
access("/opt/firebird/examples/employee.fdb_m", F_OK) = -1 ENOENT (No
such file or directory)

But it's ok, I am focused on fb2.5 ish anyway :-)

On 15/12/08 23:53, Anderson Farias wrote:
> Hi Dimitry,
>> Yes. That's exactly what I meant.
> Ok, I've tryed changing firebird xinetd script like:
> server = chroot /opt/fb15 /opt/fb15/bin/fb_inet_server
> but it does not work! xinetd complains server must be a service. so this
> aproach won't work for CS. I'll give it I try with SS later and post back
> results (althought the target box is a 4-core machine and I'm used to work
> with CS)
> Many thanks for your tip.
> regards,
> Anderson Farias
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