Subject Re: [firebird-support] Multiple server installs on linux
Author Anderson Farias
Hi Mark,

> What version of linux are you running,

Tryed the very same procedure on a RHEL 5.0 (32bits) box and on a CentOS 5.2
(32bits) running on vmware player (Windows XP). Very much the same as CentOS
is a "clone" of RHEL, only "difference" is that CentOS is on a vitual
machine (vmware) but that is no real difference.

> and exactly which fb1.5 version.

Latest version (, CLASSIC) recently downloaded from
SourceForge FB site.

> Also if you just install fb1.5 and leave it in the default place does it
> work then?

Yes. like a charm!

I *think* I've checked on everything!! All fb files (/opt/firebird,
/usr/lib, /usr/include), permissions, and so on!

What's annoying is that NO ERROR is raised!!

When I first change /opt/firebird to /opt/fb15 and try to run ISQL than I
get an error about missing libraries. After "fixing" the sym links on
/usr/lib the error goes aways but nothing works. No message, no error, no

NOTHING = no isql, no fb_inet_server, no gfix, no gsec, NO fb executable
run!! and none of it raises any error.

Have you ever seen something like that with any app running on linux? I'm in
hope some "linux guru" can tell what make some executable not run without
any error. BTW, firebird.log has nothing on it either!

Anderson Farias