Subject Re: [firebird-support] Multiple instance installation error(/bug?)
Author Gabor Boros
Thank you Dimitry for the quick answer!

IpcName, RemotePipeName change solved the problem.
I don't want to change CreateInternalWindow because
release notes wrote this option is deprecated.
When I stop an instance the log contains this:

SBPC (Client) Fri Dec 12 17:51:31 2008
"C:\FB\inst1\bin\fbserver.exe": normal shutdown

SBPC (Client) Fri Dec 12 17:51:31 2008
Control services error 1061

If I set the CreateInternalWindow to 0 the problem was gone.
Is it a mistake in the release notes CreateInternalWindow or a bug?


Dimitry Sibiryakov írta:
>> SBPC (Server) Fri Dec 12 16:29:28 2008
>> XNET error: Server initialization failed
> You forgot to modify IpcName, RemotePipeName and CreateInternalWindow
> (which must be set to 0).
> SY, SD.