Subject Multiple instance installation error(/bug?)
Author Gabor Boros

I try to test the multiple instance feature in Firebird 2.1.
The environment is a Win XP SP3 and FB 2.1.1 . No Firebird installed.
I have two directories with the FB files. C:\FB\Inst1 and C:\FB\Inst2.
In Inst2 I modified the firebird.conf's RemoteServiceName and
RemoteServicePort settings. In Inst1\bin do "install_super inst1" and in
Inst2\bin do "install_super inst2". I see everything successfully
installed in both instance. See two fbserver in the task manager etc.
But in the Inst2 directory a firebird.log contains the following things:

log start ------------------------
SBPC (Client) Fri Dec 12 16:29:28 2008
Guardian starting: "C:\FB\inst2\bin\fbserver.exe"

SBPC (Server) Fri Dec 12 16:29:28 2008
XNET error: Server initialization failed

SBPC (Server) Fri Dec 12 16:29:28 2008

log end -----------------------------------------

This is the whole log file. I don't removed anything.