Subject Firebird ODBC Delphi ADO Paramter
Author Bjørn Larsen

I have an issue with inserting DateTime values using Delphi with ADO
and parameters.

I have the following SQL in an ADOCommand component:

insert into ORDER (ORDERID, CHANGEDDATE) values (:OrderID, :Changed);

I set the paramter with the following code:

AdoCommand1.Parameters.ParamValues['OrderID'] := '000001';
AdoCommand1.Parameters.ParamValues['Changed'] := Now;

When I execute the AdoCommand the database is updated, but the Time
part of Now is always 00:00.
The field CHANGEDDATE is defined as Timestamp in the firebird database.

- Running Firebird 1.5 and Firebird ODBC

When running the exact same program against an MS SQL Server 2005 the
time part is updated correctly.

Anyone experienced the same? Is this a problem in the Firebird ODBC