Subject Re: Best Server hardware to Firebird
Author Marius popa
--- In, Rodrigo Aparecido Cardoso
<rcardoso@...> wrote:
> Hi Dalton!
> Is the XP box being used for any other functions? ie, is it also a
> workstation or is it a dedicated server?
> R: In this case is a dedicated server, but unfortunately we have some
> customers using i.e and other programs...
it is better to move it to a dedicated server
usually i recommend an 64bit linux (choose your

> What type of hard disk /hard disk controller do you use?
> R: SATA, Brand MAXTOR, 500 GB(7500 RPM).

It is better for speed to create an raid0
partition created with two drives
usually i use software raid because is easier to move drives
when something bad happens with motherboard or controllers

> What is your setting for virtual memory?
> R: Windows Default, What is better in this case?
> What is your setting for Windows memory cache?
> R: Windows Default, What is better in this case? How can I change it?
> How much RAM do you have?
> 3 GB
you should see if the swap is used in task manager
also is better to move to an 64 bit os
and add some ram if swap is touched

> What page size are you using for your database?
> 1024.
> What filing system are you using on your drive?
> What block size are you using on your filing system?
> I don't know, we don't change it. Where can I see it?
> What is your buffers setting?
> I don't know, we don't change it. I don't know how do it.
> What type of processor/number of processors do you have?
> Core 2 Quad Q6600 2,4 Ghz.

To use all of the quad cpus you need to use CS
"SMP (symmetrical multi-processor) support. Better performance in case
of a small number of connections that do not influence each other. "

> in firebird.conf:
> CpuAffinityMask = 6
> Thank you very much,
> Rodrigo