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Hi Rodrigo!

First, please don't hijack other threads (you posted a reply to 'Flame Robin versus IB Expert' and only changed the subject).

Firebird comes in different flavours, SuperServer can only utilize one processor, Classic Server can use one for each connection. In general, Firebird doesn't require much from a computer, but it all depends on how you use it. Heavy queries on large tables may take hours to finish and would of course benefit from a decent computer (and if you have several concurrent requests and use Classic Server on a computer with several processors, the other request wouldn't have to wait for the large query), whereas in many other cases most old computers will do (well, as long as they don't have memory or disk problems).

Please tell us more about how your customer uses Firebird. 40 users adding one record each every hour to one table is nothing, 40 users constantly updating tables when using Firebird as the basis for a flight simulator is something quite different (I don't know if anyone uses Firebird this way, I just used it as an example since I expect it to be quite intensive).

Generally when things are slow, I'd say that the first thing to examine are your queries, indexes and transactions. The difference between a good and bad query or a database where transactions are treated properly or ignorantly may be far greater than the difference between a new and an old processor. I also think that disk access speed may be as important as the processor, but since I've minimal experience with 'hardware tuning' I'll leave this for others to comment.


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Subject: [firebird-support] Best Server hardware to Firebird

What processor is more recommended to run Firebird 2.0.4?

Core 2 Duo, Core Quad, Athlon, phenon?

How about memory? How much?

2 GB, 3 GB...

We don't know very much about it, and I need some tips...

We have a customer running a firebird server for about 40 workstations...


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