Subject Re: [firebird-support] Flame Robin versus IB Expert
Author Milan Babuskov
davidalbiston wrote:
> Not a comparison between the two. I have a client who has been running
> for 2 years with no problems. Then, something changed and now Flame
> Robin hangs if they try to Manage Users. IB Expert has no problem with
> managing users.
> They are running Windows 2003 Standard Edition SP2. The only change I
> know of is that they now have this running on virtual servers. I just
> updated them to the latest releases of Firebird and FR but the problem
> remains.

Which exact version of Firebird and FlameRobin (I assume 2.1.1 and
0.9.1)? Is the machine local or remote?

> To confuse matters, I backed up and restored their security database.
> When the restored database was installed, FR successfully displayed
> all users when the Manage Users option was selected. However, when
> this was reselected, FR again hung.

That's strange. I never found a problem like this and I use FR with
Firebird 1.5, 2.0 and 2.1. However, I only use it on Linux, so it might
be some Windows-related issue. Would you care to report the problem to
flamerobin-devel or submit a detailed bug report to

so some of the developers who use Windows can test?

> I am stuck. Why should IB Expert succeed when FR fails?

It's either a bug in FR or IBExpert is not using ServicesAPI but gsec


Milan Babuskov