Subject cannot start transaction for password database
Author Richard Salt
Hi All

I have already answered my own question, but I thought it may be
useful to post this in case anyone else experiences this issue.

We have 3 Firebird (1.5 classic) servers running on linux (fedora8)

This morning, all users on one of the servers were getting the error
message "cannot start transaction for password database".

I fixed the problem by replacing the security.fdb database with last
nights backup. However, 10 minutes later it happened again. Then it
happened on another server!

Anyway, it turned out to be that the root partition was at 100% disk
usage on these two servers.

And this had happened due to a rogue backup script that wasn't
checking if a mount had been sucessful before copying its stuff.

So it ended up filling up /mnt/whatever with actual data until the
root partition was full. DOH!

Hope this helps someone somewhere someday.