Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Please help: Corrupted DB, unable to backup
Author Milan Babuskov
Thomas Woinke wrote:
>> I'm really out of ideas now.
>> My plan is to get the database into a state where I can make a backup
>> again, and then restore it from there.
> Okay, while panicking, I seem to have forgot about the -g switch for
> gbak, which did the job of creating a backup.
> I was able to recreate the DB from that backup, then drop the table.
> Everything seems to be sane now, only leaving me with the question:
> What the heck was that?

I recently had a problem on one server that databases would get
corrupted every few weeks. After investigating everything, we decided to
replace one RAM module, and everything works fine since then.

Interesting enough that faulty RAM was bought and placed into machine
only a few months ago.


Milan Babuskov