Subject RE: [firebird-support] Forces writes and transaction throughput?
Author Leyne, Sean

> Also i don't think it's a big problem to disable forced writes on a
> Unix/Linux server with a battery backed RAID and a proper UPS to
> accidental power loss.

These items only protect against power loss, but not against server or
Firebird process abends!

If you have a battery backed RAID with a reasonable amount cache
allocated to writes, then there is NO REASON to not always run with
Forced Writes = ON.

The RAID card will completely isolate the 'cost' of Forced Writes.

> I've been running with forced writes off on Linux and never had
> corruption - YMMV.

A very lucky man, but luck has a way of running out when you least
expect or want.

Think of it this way:

If I gave you a gun which had 1 million cylinders loaded with one
bullet; would you want to play "Russian roulette"?