Subject example of using first..skip in a stored procedure on Firebird 1.5?
Author Dalton Calford
Hi All,

Due to the size of a result-set, I need to breakdown a process into a
series of steps, but unfortunately, none of the natural data breaks are
small enough to use.
Thus I need to run the process using a stored procedure, controlled by
an outside script.

The script is to call the stored procedure, stating the number of rows
to be processed and what row to start at.

Unfortunately, the stored procedure will not compile, and I need an
example of how to do this in 1.54.

Here is a snippit of what I am trying to do

for SELECT first :RowCount skip :StartRow a.yack from foo a into :bleah
do begin....end

The server complains on the first ':'.

Any help is appreciated.



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