Subject Re: [firebird-support] Connect
Author Tomio
Hi Stefan,

Thank you for your anwser.

Actually, I wrote wrong, the server's mas is - The
server still has a Fixed IP, just the client is automatic.

I try to put a server name in hots file. It doesn't work too.

At 'diagnoses conection', in IboConsole, i get:

Ping: 'TCP/IP Communication Test Passed!'
21: 'TCP/IP Communication Test Passed!'
FTP 'TCP/IP Communication Test Passed!'
3050: 'TCP/IP Communication Test Failed!'



> Your local network is most probably connected to the Internet via a
> router and still has an internal IP address scheme like
> The subnet mask for this network address range is, not
> Maybe that's just the problem.
> A server must have a static IP address so it can be found by the
> clients. It must at least have a fixed host name. So if it's not the
> subnet mask address issue from above, try giving the server *name* in
> the database connection string instead of the server's IP address.
> Best Regards
> Stefan